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Shopping for for a new baby is challenging. We are here to help! With our in-depth shopping guide and helpful tips, you will be able to pick the right stuff for your little one in just minutes. At, we make shopping for your baby easy!

Kids can be messy, at least when they eat! You will find these bibs very helpful in keeping your baby's clean.
Our Recommendations
  1. Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib is our top choice for bibs, because:

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    • Made of Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric, easy to clean
    • Easy to use velcro closure
    • catch-all pocket

  3. Or ,if you are a big fan of BABYBJÍRN, you may choose BABYBJÍRN Soft Bib.

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    • Deep pocket to catch food spills
    • Adjustable closure to fit every baby
    • Easy to clean surface