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Shopping for for a new baby is challenging. We are here to help! With our in-depth shopping guide and helpful tips, you will be able to pick the right stuff for your little one in just minutes. At, we make shopping for your baby easy!

These books are the bestsellers in the parenting section of almost every book store. The first two books are great handbooks for new parents: the combination of these two books explain almost everything new parents need to know about their parenthood. And the third book, Baby Bargains, teaches you how to save some bucks from every corner of your parenhood. This is especially helpful if you are on a budget.
Our Top Recommendations
  1. What to Expect the First Year [Buy from: Amazon or Target]. This book is full of useful information. It answers almost all of the questions you may have as a first time mom or dad. You can find easy-to-follow instructions for many common parenting tasks, e.g., how to give your newborn a bath. It also includes a first aid guide and charts on monthly growth and development. You will agree that this is a great resource for new parents.

  2. Baby 411 [Buy from: Amazon or Target ]
    Baby 411 is an excellent combination of the latest medical evidence and practical parenting advice. Its Q&A style format makes it possible to find the answers you needed quickly and with thorough but concise explanations. This is definitely a great reference book for parents.

  3. Baby Bargains [Buy from: Amazon or Target ]

    • Vhelpful in providing reviews of many baby products
    • A lot of information about which products are safest and the best deal to buy
    • Can help you focus on the big and important items
    • Bottom line: this book could save you a lot of money