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Shopping for for a new baby is challenging. We are here to help! With our in-depth shopping guide and helpful tips, you will be able to pick the right stuff for your little one in just minutes. At, we make shopping for your baby easy!

As new parents, you will find that you can't survive without diapers and wipes. There are many stores that carry these products with many different brand names. We recommend: Pampers Baby Dry, Huggies Snug & Dry, Luvs, or Earth's Best. For each size, the number of diapers listed here is the minimum an everage baby would use. You may need more.
Our Recommendations
  1. New born: it is not uncommon that a new born uses 10 (or a little more) diapers a day. Thus you probaby want to get a box of 100 to 120 diapers ready.

  2. Size 1: Your baby probably uses around 7 to 10 diapers a day and will stay with size 1 for about 1 month. So you may want to have a minimum of 210 (or more) ready.

  3. Size 2: You will need size 2 for about 1.5 to 2 months, roughly 5 to 8 per day. So you need to prepare about 300 to 500 of size 2 diapers. You can always buy more later when you need them.

  4. Size 3 and up: Your baby will use size 3 for a few months, which means you will need at least 4 or 5 (if not more) packages of size 3. It is hard to predict how many size 4/5 diapers your baby will need. But it would not hurt to prepare at least 2 or 3 packages of each.

  5. wipes, wipes, and wipes!
    Don't forget to prepare some wipes. They are cheap and they can be very helpful. 4 boxes of Pampers Sensitive wipes would be a good start.

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